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About Us

Our history

      Only the passion was there.  No place to work. No money. Just a vision, the willingness to work hard, and the confidence to succeed. Relying on the rich experience he got from working in other organizations and companies such as Telecom, Sheraton Addis, The American Embassy, Coca cola and Heineken Ethiopia, quit this work at the later and started what has become a worthy journey with in a small two by two rented room with just four thousand birr as a working capital.  

       It all went the right direction. Admiration came from friends and families. Success followed success. But not even him imagined that in  just less than 10 years the company to be an owner of its office on a four story building a well organized work shop , offices in all the major cities of the country that deal with instant maintenance requests from customers with creating employment opportunity for more than  50 permanent employees . The passion that took him once to take the job of radio and tape recorders maintenance in a rented small shop around a place in Addis called “Meshualekia “ found its way in to becoming an executive manager of a leading electromechanical company.  

  Our Vision is to be the leading electro mechanical, refrigeration, and air conditioning Company in the country offering the lowest cost possible, superior installations, and maintenance services to customers nationwide.
    Our reputation is built upon sound technical expertise, and effective solutions. Our effort is directed towards providing customers with a reliable quality product, design, installation and maintenance services and solutions.

•     open and honest
•    Work together as a team
•    Change for the better of ourselves, customers, and industry
•    Always think of new ways to promote growth and better serve our clientele
•    Provide 100% customer satisfaction
•     Passionate about technology
•     Environmentally and socially responsible




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General manager: Seyoum Waltenegus
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